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15 Tattoos With The Most Endearing Stories Behind Them

By Meera Kaushal, 5 June 2018


People get tattoos for different reasons. Some like to express their feelings and opinions to the world by getting inked, some just like the look of a tattoo on their body, some do so in an act of rebellion and then some go for it, for special reasons. Those special reasons can range from paying tribute to a loved one to covering up some scars, and to even motivate yourself and others. We came across these tattoos, which have a story behind them and thought of sharing those heartwarming and heartbreaking stories with you all. Gear up to feel all the feels:

1Pure Love


This adorable tattoo is made on a husband’s arm that he got to show his love for his wife. The wife had been suffering from depression and he wanted to show his support towards her journey of recovery and thus, he got this one. Literally, the cutest love-story portrayed by just a tattoo.

Pure Love

Image Source: files.brightside.me

2Design idea?!


This tattoo has a hilarious story behind it. The person wanted a specific design and so she made a sketch of it. This woman is clearly not a great artist, but the tattoo artist was, so he comprehended what she wanted and gave her this beautiful tattoo. Yes, she obviously loved what he created on her arm.

Design idea?!

Image Source: files.brightside.me

3Manifesting her house!


This tattoo may seem bizarre at first look, but the story behind it is very powerful. This woman had lost everything in a hurricane. But, she decided not to give up and set up a goal of rebuilding her home. For this purpose, she got the plans of the house tattooed on her hands so that she could see them every day while she worked three jobs a day to reach her goal.

Manifesting her house!

Image Source: wokesloth.com



This is what happens when you drink too much! This guy was at a party and in a drunken state, asked a man to make a tattoo on his neck. The next day, he woke up with this! You may ask, what exactly is this? Well, instead of giving him a tattoo on his neck, the tattoo artist made a tattoo of his neck.


Image Source: t1.kn3.net

5Father-daughter love


His daughter had made a drawing and she thought he was joking when he said he would get it tattooed. But, to her surprise, he actually went all out to get the tattoo and gave his princess the happy surprise, which I am sure she is going to remember all her life.

Father-daughter love

Image Source: img.ibxk.com.br


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