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15 Secrets That Girls Have Revealed to Prefer Bad Boys Over Good Boys for a Relationship

By Bincy Joseph, 12 June 2018


Being in a love relation means lots of fun, love, passion and lot many other ups and downs while being in a relationship. But finding a person who can suit your style is a hard nutshell to crack. Gone are those days when girls used to look out for good and innocent boys as their love partners. The current trend is searching for a guy who stands by you and not only looks good but is appealing and attractive too. Bad boys are the current inclination for girls to get into a love relation. Here are a few secrets that girls have revealed on preferring bad boys over good boys.

1It’s fun to hang around with bad boys


If you are a girl with travelling goals, then bad boys are the best partners that you can make. Whether it may be a daredevil trip or an adventurous one you can just hang around with them to enjoy the rule breaking, independent and galvanizing life. Unlike good boy’s bad boys have more spark in them, and you can really have a great time being with them.

It’s fun to hang around with bad boys

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2Women prefer to have boys in pants


Usually, nice guys are really nice, and sometimes they are so nice that the women have to play the man's role. Women prefer to have boys who can wear their own pants and be strong rather than letting out their women to play the lead role. They prefer to have the word ‘strong’ confined to their men and not themselves.

Women prefer to have boys in pants

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3Attractive constraint


Bad boys are attractive in comparison to the good boys. To be very exact they have some spark to rule the heart of a girl. The chocolate boy look is not the current flavour what girls want instead they are always fantasized by men who are appealing have the dark triad factors in them.

Attractive constraint

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4Bad boys are not “mama’s boy”


What girls want nowadays is to have a man who solely belongs to them and one who can take their stand at all times. They do not like the prototype ‘Mama’s boys instead they want their man to be on their side always whenever they need their support. Thus having a bad boy is much better than having a sweet and innocent mommy’s boy.

Bad boys are not “mama’s boy”

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5Good boys are not always genuine


Good guys are way too nice for you to believe if they are really genuine or just faking out. This is a real mystery to unlock if you find guys behaving like a saint and will make you wonder what is the real story behind the wellness and goodness. But on the other hand, bad boys keep all things real, whether it is even a bad thing to show, but they do not try to hot around the bushes.

Good boys are not always genuine

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