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15 Secrets That Girls Have Revealed to Prefer Bad Boys Over Good Boys for a Relationship

By Bincy Joseph, 12 June 2018


6Women fall for hot boys

Bad boy is almost an equivalent word for hot boys. Sweet and genuine guys are not the right choice for a girl who lets out her heart for guys who are hot and handsome. The bad boys are the ones who fit into the list of having a boyfriend who is handsome and smart enough to make other girls jealous.

Women fall for hot boys

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7Bad boys are straightforward

They are not bothered about adjusting the apples properly in the apple cart. If it is straight, it is straight and if not then probably it is not. If they smoke or drink, then they would show you that they are into it and if not they will not. They are not such people who are into all wrong things but act as a saintly figure when accompanied by girls.

Bad boys are straightforward

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8Bad boys have high self-respect


Self-respect and self-esteem are the priorities of bad guys which is a characteristic that women love. Nobody respects a doormat, everybody just wipes their legs and move on but bad boys do not take any kind of shit and do not let anybody control them. Bad boys live as if they rule the world and as if nobody exists who can take control over them.

Bad boys have high self-respect

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9The lesser-the best

Bad boys usually don’t show much feelings towards girls. They don’t always cuddle up and do not roam hand in hands with their girl. But when they do, nobody can defeat them in their expression of love. Whether it may be planning out a surprise or whether it may be a gift you just can get a second chance to be better than bad boys. Bad boys do it once but when they do nobody can give them competition.

Giving surprise

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10The human behavior-chasing the one who is hard to get

It is a normal human behavior that we run behind things that are hard to get. Bad boys usually stay aloof from girls and love to be in their boy gang. Girls cannot stand this and are generally in search of such guys who ate trying to run away from them. Girls have psychopathy for falling for the ones who do not pay attention to them and use all their girl powers to impress her guy.

chasing the one who is hard to get

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