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Super Rapper Rick Ross Shows off his Body and Reveals How He Lost 100 Pounds in just 7 Months

By Andrew Alpin, 22 October 2017


Every now and then we come across inspiring health stories that involve celebrities in their quest for losing weight after gaining a huge amount of pounds through poor lifestyle habits. But you can really give them credit for the hard work and dedication put in to lose weight. One such example is Rick Ross the rapper who MTV named the hottest rapper in the game.

Little that you might have known, Rick Ross actually shed 100 pounds in 7 months which is quite an accomplishment as weight loss is concerned. However, it wasn’t until his condition shocked him with two seizures that he was finally forced to make serious changes in his diet and lifestyle. After six years he revealed his experience on the Dr. Oz Show on April 6th, 2017 where Ross explained how he suffered the seizures.

1He suffered two seizures within 24 hours while in flight


It was in 2011 that Ross was struck down with not one but two seizures within a span of 24 hours. That was a huge wake-up call for the rap music heavyweight who weighed a whopping 350 pounds. He suffered the seizures in mid-air after which he made up his mind to change.

Rick Ross poor lifestyle caught up with him during a time he slept only 3 hours each night and devoured T bone steaks at 3 in the morning. He remembers how he was on a flight and his friend was leaning over him saying ‘Get up, homie, you just had a seizure. Let’s go. We got to get off the plane, Ross couldn’t believe he had suffered a seizure; in fact, he refused to believe his buddy.

He then called his own private jet which he boarded after getting off the commercial flight. Within an hour into the flight, he was struck with another seizure. It was then that he knew things were getting out of control. 

Rapper Rick Ross

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2His shocking incident made him decide to change


After getting the fright of his life, Ross decided to change his lifestyle. He recalls waking up in the hospital with his mother staring at him. According to him, “It’s a really bad sign when you wake up and she there and you know, she batted her eyes and…that’s the worst thing for me is to have my mom with that look on her face. So, those made me feel even worse” He knew that his body just couldn’t take the beating it was receiving in terms of health. Less sleep and gorging on food is a prime recipe for unhealthy conditions causing disease and problems like seizures. His eating habits changed completely thereafter. 

rick ross after weight loss

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