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Super Rapper Rick Ross Shows off his Body and Reveals How He Lost 100 Pounds in just 7 Months

By Andrew Alpin, 22 October 2017


3He started eating fruits which he never ate before

Rick Ross while speaking out on Doctor Oz revealed how he started eating fruits, something which never usually ate before. He would get inspiration from his tours to different countries seeing the food the people ate and admitting it wasn’t like the type of food he was used to at home.

He even ate pears which he was introduced to while overseas. In 2011, Ross also admitted how lack of sleep was impacting his health in a serious way. Understand me growing up and hearing about seizures, they can be violent, you bust vessels, you bite your tongue, and in my case, it wasn’t none of that,” He revealed how after his second seizure he woke up in the hospital and the first question his doctor asked was when the last time he had slept 8 hours was. Ross replied “‘Man, it had to be at least five years.'” 

Rick Ross workout

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4He shares his incredible routine that helped him shed 100 pounds

Ross shares his health regimen which helped him shed a remarkable 100 pounds in seven months. He advocates drinking a lot of water which is a habit that everyone should practice. Ross doesn’t really mention how much water he drinks per day but generally, a nutritionist will always suggest anything from 6-8 glasses per day. Ross avoided all fat-building foods like white rice, bread and refined flour that goes in to making pastas.

As per his own nutrition, he understood how eating a heavy meal in the morning was beneficial to health and fitness. A heavy meal in the morning such as a good breakfast keeps your nourished and satiated the entire day. With dedication and determination to his new lifestyle and diet, Rick Ross lost 100 pounds in 7 months and the rapper revealed the program he went through was cross fit training. 

gym routine of rick ross

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