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The Best Way To Eat Right According To Your Body Shape



11Detoxify your body with fruits

To detoxify your body, consume fruits like watermelon and pineapple. These fruits will cleanse your body and remove all the toxic substances that are slowing down your metabolism which is why you gain fat faster. Herbal green teas are also beneficial for your health and metabolism. 

Detoxify your body with fruits

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12What to avoid

Avoid high sodium foods and decrease salt intake. Avoid refined foods like noodles, white rice, and bread. These can be substituted for healthier grains and whole foods.

 Avoid high sodium foods

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The most desired body shape characterized by proportional bust and hips with slim waist. But while women love to have this body shape, they are still prone to putting on weight evenly throughout the body so one has to be careful. The overall weight gain may also decrease muscle tone. 

Hourglass body shape

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14What to eat

Women with hourglass figures are also at risk of high blood sugar which is why you should eat foods with a low glycemic value. Your diet should consist of 6 small meals a day with more fresh fruit, vegetables, healthy fats and lean protein. You could try lean chicken breast which is an excellent and healthy protein choice.

 Healthy protein

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15What to avoid

Hourglass figure body types should avoid refined flours like noodles, pastas and white rice. These can be replaced by healthier wholesome foods. 

Healthier wholesome foods

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