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This is how your favorite foods look like before they reach the market

By Vishnu Sharma, 4 October 2017


When we go out shopping for the foods, we see them in a different manner than what they become when we cook and serve them. You might have thought at times that you do so much of hard work to make certain dishes. But, have you ever wondered how exactly a food looks like when it is being grown on the plants. You will indeed be surprised to know that before reaching the market and even before harvesting, many foods look really different from what we find when they reach the supermarkets. So, basically the journey of a food item that you thought started from the moment you purchased it to bring to your home, is actually just the final leg of the journey. Before that, the food item goes through some amount of cleaning, sorting and processing, and before that it is harvested from the plants. And today, we are going to show you how exactly do food items look like when they are on the plant that nurtured them. Be ready to be amazed:


The cashew tree grows to have the cashew apple and it is at the end of this apple, that there is a drupe which contains the seed which is the nut that we eat.

cashew tree (Cashew nuts)

Image Source: www.itmedia.co.jp



The pistachio is actually a member of the casher family and here too, it is the seed which is generally eaten.

Pistachio tree fruit

Image Source: www.boredpanda.com



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