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The Best Way To Eat Right According To Your Body Shape



6How you should eat

Apple body types should eat little in quantity but often. This means space your meals out to six meals a day with reduce portions of food. This is much better than eating three heavy meals a day as the body can metabolize smaller quantities faster. 

How you should eat

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7Eat more fruits and vegetables for fiber

Consume more fruits and vegetables which will introduce more fiber into your diet. Fiber aids in faster digestion and keep you satiated so you won’t eat excess. Get your vitamin C and low fat dairy. Eat only that type of yoghurt which is good for regulating digestion.

Eat more fruits and vegetables for fiber

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8What to avoid


Avoid foods that create gas, bloating and swelling like junk food, fast food, bread, and certain vegetables. 


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The pear-shaped body has characteristics of hips being larger than the bust. Those with a pear shape usually gain weight around the thighs and hips and possess a risk of water retention. However, exercise and physical activity can prevent this from happening. 

pear-shaped body

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10What type of food

Pear-shaped body type should incorporate meat, eggs, dairy and high protein in the diet. Protein helps you maintain your weight and fat gain. It also helps in building muscle. However, along with your diet, exercise is necessary to reduce fat and lose weight.

Food for pear-shaped body

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