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How Involved Was The Queen In Charles And Diana’s Divorce?

By KK Angus, 21 March 2018


5The Queen's help

It was reported that Diana went to the Queen for help. Queen Elizabeth II has eyes on everything and was aware of the situation. Diana reportedly went to the Queen sobbing, and told her everything from Charles's affair to their unhappy marriage and sadly the Queen didn't have much to say at all. She listened to everything Diana had to say and said that she did not know what Diana should do.

Diana and the Queen

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6The Queen's final call

The Queen had famously called the year 1992 a horrible year. It was the year Morton’s book came out and the British people were quite outraged by the fact that Diana was so intensely unhappy. The Queen had no personal issues with Diana and was actually quite fond of her. In 1995 the Queen requested both Diana and Charles to get Divorced.

Diana and Charles

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7The interview that broke it all


Diana's famous BBC interview, in which she revealed every detail of her unhappy Royal life, was the final nail in the coffin. Diana did not hold back - from Charles's infidelity to her isolation, she spilled it all. Many still believe that the interview was Diana's clap back to the years of humiliation she had endured.

Diana's famous BBC interview

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8The Royal outrage

The Royal family especially the Queen were hit hard by Diana's admissions. It is important to note that the Royal family works very hard to keep the negative family secrets out of public eye. Diana’s interview let the cat out of the bag. The Royals felt incredibly insulted and couldn't get over the disrespect.

The Royal family

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