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How Involved Was The Queen In Charles And Diana’s Divorce?

By KK Angus, 21 March 2018


9The Queen's mail

In 1995, just a few weeks after Diana's BBC interview, the Queen requested Diana and Charles to divorce each other. Though they had been separated for a while, the Queen thought it would be best if they did not stay married at all. And the interview had rocked the Buckingham Palace too. Charles and Diana agreed on the Queen's request and eventually Divorced.

The Queens mail

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10Diana's affairs

Diana had been involved with other men too before officially divorcing Charles. From James Hewitt to Dodi Fayed, there had been a string of men in Diana’s life after Charles and yet nobody blamed Diana when she wanted to find happiness, as she had done her best to keep her Royal marriage alive.

Diana's affairs

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11After her death


When Charles married Camilla years after Diana's death, the British people couldn't bring themselves to view the new Royal couple in a positive light. The fact that Charles is marrying the woman who broke up his marriage to Diana was disrespectful, according to some people. Although the Queen did not have much of a say in this, she was once heard referring to Camilla as a 'wicked woman'.

When Charles married Camilla

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12Elizabeth's speech

The Queen was quite fond of Diana and appreciated all that she had done for the family. Despite never being tremendously close, they shared a respectful bond and after Diana's death, the Queen gave a speech which was incredibly moving. She called Diana a gifted woman and hailed her for her kindness and courage.

queen and princess diana

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