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16 Easy Beauty Hacks Which Will Give You a Hollywood Glow-up

By KK Angus, 12 June 2018


You must have seen photos of Hollywood stars from their awkward teenage days or their first auctions. These pictures may have you questioning about their current glow-ups. If you think Margot Robbie or Anne Hathaway always looked like they do know you're sorely mistaken. So what does a Hollywood beauty routine entail?

If you think being in front of the camera involves insanely expensive treatments and extensive hours of facials that not exactly right. Yes Hollywood does involve expert treatments, spas and beauty regimens. But the biggest names in the industry have revealed that the most important thing about maintaining one's youthfulness is sticking to their individual beauty regimen. So what are the beauty habits which can give you a Hollywood glow-up?

1Squeeze masks


Squeeze masks are a must if you want to retain the agelessness in your looks. From Jennifer Lopez to all the Kardashians everybody loves squeeze masks because they are so easy to use and provide instant results. In fact, minutes after you take off the mask you'll notice your skin feels more elastic. Try opting for collagen-induced masks as collagen is an essential element to the anti-ageing process.

Squeeze masks

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2You can't have pores


Visible pores are a strict no-no in the world of showbiz. In fact, the first thing any model or actress is told by her makeup guru is that having pores are a really bad look. It's not exactly like acne because Hollywood has started being more forgiving towards acne and breakouts. In fact, names like Kendall Jenner and a number of other supermodels are even sporting acne on the red carpet.

You can

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Pores are a sign of a laziness as the basis of any successful makeup regimen is dealing with pores. And usually, actresses are very careful about their skin. But getting rid of pores does not involve a high-profile makeup routine. There's a very simple homemade way to take care of pores. Just mix some milk, honey, and cinnamon and apply to your face thrice every week.

The correct moisturiser

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3The correct moisturiser


Moisturising is the key to a great skin. Though most people just get hold of a random moisturiser and use it, that's not the solution. Not every moisturiser is the same and picking up the right one is very important so that your skin type gets the correct treatment. Water-based moisturisers are the best for oily skin as they fix acne. For dry skin try opting for moisturiser with beeswax.

Highlighter must-dos

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4Highlighter must-dos


A highlighter is a red-carpet must-have. The thing about the highlighter is that most people don't know how to moderate it. The highlighter is used to catch the light of the cameras to draw attention to your best features. Which is why you only need to apply it to areas which you think need attention. Try to learn how highlighters or bronzers work. Have a look at some of the red carpet tutorials and you will see how you can use highlighter to dramatise your look.

Removing makeup

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5Removing makeup


One of the biggest beauty blunders is going to bed with makeup on. You will never realise how extensively makeup harms the skin overnight. Most of our makeup essentials have toxic chemicals. You can guess what happens when you leave those for 7-8 hours. All celebrities insist that everyone who wants a good healthy skin must remove makeup immediately after they are home. On days you are too tired just take a damp tissue and remove the base makeup and wash your face.

Face oils

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