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16 Easy Beauty Hacks Which Will Give You a Hollywood Glow-up

By KK Angus, 12 June 2018


11The 5-minute makeup

Always have a quick makeup routine as your backup plan if you don't have time to sit and do your face makeup for 30 minutes. Most people just use some makeup essentials for their 5-minute glow up when they are running late for work and this often comes in handy. If you don't have a lot of time and still need to do makeup, just wash and moisturise your face. Apply sunscreen and foundation and brush some powder and blush with a brush. Use very little kohl on your eyes and dab some lip gloss and you're good to go.

What the expert says

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12What the expert says

“Daytime red carpet makeup needs to be less. For a nighttime red carpet with heavy lighting, it’s easy to get a blank face. You have to play up the highlight and contour to add dimension,” says celebrity makeup artist Hrush Achemyan.

You need time

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13You need time


Experts also agree that if you’re serious about a statement glow-up, give yourself time to prep the face. Let the face breathe for a few minutes after cleansing, before you can apply makeup. This helps your look as your skin looks fresh and natural.

Only one statement

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14Only one statement

All makeup gurus agree that your makeup looks, be it for a red carpet or a party, should only have one point of focus. What they mean is if you’re going for a dramatic eye, ditch the bold lipstick. If you really want a pop-up lip colour, go easy on the eyes, by just applying some mascara and eyeliner.

The setting spray

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15The setting spray

The best-kept red carpet secret is the makeup setting spray. Especially if compact or powders are not your thing, you must try the setting spray. It keeps your makeup intact for hours and makes sure your base stays perfect and your eye makeup doesn’t smudge.

16Vaseline on your breasts


You've probably noticed that Hollywood stars are very careful about their assets. Applying Vaseline on your breasts can actually help you increase their size and several stars have said that they follow this trick. Although you cannot expect immediate results, you will notice the change in a few weeks.

Vaseline on your breasts

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