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Do You Want To Look Slimmer and Fitter? These Tips Will Help You

By Jheelam Banerjee, 3 May 2017


Your healthy diet and extensive fitness routine will definitely make you lose weight and look fit. But until you lose weight, you can try on some fashion secrets to make yourself look slimmer. The first step to doing so is to find out your body shape. Don’t confuse this with being overweight. Even if you have excess weight, your body has a certain shape and type.

Each of these body types has a way of hiding their flab. For example if you are heavier on the bottom, you wear baggy tops to make your shape look round and perfect. So what are these secrets? Let’s find out:

1 If you have a small bosom and a large bottom

Then it is the pear shaped body that you have. No matter what you do the cellulite seems to accumulate on your posterior. No need to worry – try plain dark or simple lines on the bottom. Go with playful tops and flowing blouses to draw attention away from the bottom. You can also go with some extra weight on the shoulder area. This will give you a balanced look.

pear shaped body

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2 If you have broad shoulders (or a fuller bosom)

Your body’s shape must look like an inverted triangle. It is called the athletic body shape. This means that your upper half is already very pretty. Now you need to simply balance it with your lower body. So you need to wear bright pants or jeans. Flared skirts are the best as they create the illusion of an hourglass figure. Go with neutral colors on the top.

Dressing ideas for broad shoulders

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