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Stop Making These 10 Common Makeup Mistakes Which Make You Look Older

By Meera Kaushal, 1 January 2018


How does your face feel without makeup?. While many women prefer to apply as little as possible, there are those who prefer the whole thing. For all though, a special occasion or an event needs a tough of makeup on your face, you will look beautiful no doubt but just be careful to avoid these common makeup mistakes because they can make you look older instead.

1Go easy on the concealer


Don’t apply too much concealer because when you try to achieve a perfect matte finish, you may mistake of applying too much concealer. Too much concealer will end up settling into creases and wrinkles. With the wrong color selection and a thick layer, your wrinkles are going to be highlighted making you look older.

Makeup artists suggest avoiding thick foundations and advocate fluid ones that contain luminous particles. These will make your skin look natural and healthy without seeming that you have overloaded it. Tinted moisturizers, lightweight foundations and BB creams blend easier than a powder formula. Also, you should avoid green based products that bring out shadows but choose yellow or peach tones which will neutralize the purplish tones of your dark circles.

Go easy on the concealer

Image Source: www.fashioncentral.in

2You overuse mascara on the lower lashes


Mascara can enhance the edge of your eyes to reflect more expression but applying to much will divert attention to your wrinkles around your eyes instead. Thick mascara will make even the tiniest of wrinkles stand out. Mascara on the upper lashes can open up your eyes with extra oomph. But on the lower eyelashes, they can also make your eyes look spidery which is when the dark circles around your eyes can get accentuated. 

overuse mascara on the lower lashes

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