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16 Easy Beauty Hacks Which Will Give You a Hollywood Glow-up

By KK Angus, 12 June 2018


6Face oils

Face oils are just as relevant now as they were centuries ago. The main purpose of a face oil is to hydrate your skin and get rid of dry cells. Make sure you apply face oil at least once a day and keep it on for 15 minutes. Most supermodels like Bella Hadid and Stella Maxwell have revealed that they never leave home without their face oils.

Overnight treatments

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7Overnight treatments

A night cream or an anti-ageing serum isn't enough anymore. Our skin has to face pollution, dust, sun rays and other germs which affect the skin in the most brutal way possible. Since it's not possible for any of us to spend hours on our skin care routine you can invest in a good overnight product. So that our face retains its freshness and plumps itself when we are asleep. Opt for an overnight hydrating mask or an overnight serum and make it a habit to put it on before bed.

The good base

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8The good base


The red carpet glam is all about catching the light and since the camera hides nothing a botched makeup job can really ruin your night. The first rule to a good glow-up is a steady and even base. Make sure it's compatible with your skin tone and you have used the right amount of foundation so that it doesn't come out cakey or uneven.


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9Don't choose contouring

Makeup experts always advised against countering unless you're absolutely sure about what you're doing. If you don't have a makeup artiste helping you or don't really understand the contouring palettes, it's always best to ditch contouring altogether. Some of the biggest makeup artists like Bobbi Brown swear off contouring. Also, most people don't understand that contouring doesn't always amp up a look. Sometimes the key is to look natural.

Night makeup  and day makeup

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10Night makeup and day makeup

Don't try to pull off a black smokey eye for a spring brunch or use too much glitter for a day event. Most people don't understand that day makeup is all about the palette and one must understand what goes with their skin tone. Evening makeup gives you a lot of room to experiment. Try out pop colours or bold lipsticks or even contouring. But if you want to make an impression in your day event, stick to what you know.

The 5-minute makeup

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