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12 Zodiac Signs And The Types Of Lover Each Of Those Signs Desire In Their Life

By Afsana Khatoon, 30 October 2017


5 Leo

For Leo people, it’s all about the passion in whatever you do. It can be career, hobbies or anything, if you do it with all the passion you have and can share that passion with them, Leos are for you.

zodiac sign leo

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6 Virgo

Trust is the word for Virgo. They want people who trust them no matter what happens. They also want their partners to outperform them and better them in everything and encourage them to do well also. So be ready to be encouraged and trustful of your Virgo partner.

Virgo zodiac

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7 Libra


Librans like to hear it from their partner. Their partners should be vocal always. As they are very social and level-headed, they know how to keep a relationship alive. They will also require their partners to tell them how much they love them, many times.

Libra Zodiac

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8 Scorpio

Scorpions are passionate, brave and highly stubborn. They focus on only their goals and want partners who are willing to take them for who they are. They want their partners to be open about themselves and trying new things. Honesty is highly important for them and they want full cooperation in relationships from their partners.

Scorpio zodiac

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