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10 Signs That Clearly Show That You Are Stuck In an Unhealthy Relationship

By Milos Kitanovic, 10 May 2017


5 Negative energy

Negativity harms you mentally, physically and emotionally. You can't avoid it in everyday life, but your partner should be the one to relax you and not disturb you.

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6 You are not yourself

It is normal for you to change when you are in a relationship. And that's a good thing if the change is for the better. But if you notice that at some point you don't seem to recognize yourself anymore, that's a sign that your relationship isn't as good as you hoped for.

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7 Your only mission is to make your partner happy

Happiness and satisfaction in a relationship should be a two-way street. So if you keep trying to make the other side happy and you receive nothing in return, it's a clear sign that you must leave.

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8 You are not doing anything right in your partner's eyes

Once you reach the point at which you feel that everything you say or do bothers your partner, you need to know that you are not the problem. There is something that your partner is upset about and doesn't want to tell you. It won't be until he tells you what's wrong that you will be able to do anything right, no matter how hard you try.

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9 You live in the past

Remembering good old days when you just started dating is not enough. You can't live in the past. A relationship develops but sadly not always for the better. And if you keep thinking how it was at the beginning, that means something is off now.

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10 You are simply not happy

You can't expect to be happy in every moment of your relationship, but the person you are with should make you happy. You need to have the support and understanding of your partner. You need to be sure how that person will give you stability at some point in your life when you lose all hope, thinking how everything will fall apart. If these things are missing in your relationship then you are better off without each other.

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