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10 Reasons Why Marriages Are Ruining Around The World

By Jyoti Galada, 9 January 2018


Daisy was nervous, happy, overwhelmed, excited and blushing all at the same time. It was the special day in her life. Alex too was equally nervous but the glimpse of Daisy in her bridal look filled him with excitement and love. He felt lucky to have Daisy as his life partner. They were to vow to be husband and wife, love and sacrifice, grow together in holiness and be with each other through all ups and downs all their lives. It was their wedding day for which both had been waiting and planning for months. Pictures were clicked and all necessary arrangements were made to make the day memorable. The amount of love, joy and support they felt on their wedding day was immeasurable. They knew they were made for each other. They were blessed for a happy married life by the priest and all present there.

Two years later Daisy and Alex divorced each other for Daisy could not live with the carefree attitude of Alex who changed after marriage and Alex with the immature childish behavior of Daisy whom he expected to be more understanding. Marriage is a sacred and lovely institution that needs love commitment, trust, respect, adjustments, sacrifice and understanding from both sides. A search of Amazon will turn up more than 20,000 books on overcoming marital problems. Still, there are problems that collapse the institution of marriage. According to statistical analysis done on various demographic age groups, 41% to 43% of marriages end up in divorce.

1Marital Violence


If you are thinking that educated people from respectful families refrain from hitting their partners then think again. According to National crime records bureau, one marital violence act is committed every 3 minutes. Violence does not cause just physical pain to the spouse but it breaks the person emotionally and mentally hurting the dignity.  Violence can be from any of the partner and due to any reason but it is morally not correct. Rebecca’s doctor husband each day would hit her to give money for gambling. He would lock the door from inside, play loud music so that her screams are not heard to the neighbours and would hit her with his belt.

Marital Violence

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According to statistics Brain Research Institute, 41% of one or both partners admitted to cheating either emotionally or physically. More than this, 76% of women and 61% of men in India do not consider infidelity immoral according to a survey by Ashley Madison. Modern technology allows more people to connect than ever before thus enabling people to conduct extramarital affairs and even maintain secrecy. Nowadays there are apps and websites that enable married people to cheat. And there is no guilt about it. James believed himself to be a lucky guy having a beautiful, good hearted and an intelligent wife. He went into depression to know about his wife’s affair with his own brother.


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