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5 Tips to Keeping Your Relationship Healthy

By AK, 26 June 2020


Although there are many types of relationships. All of them need to be healthy ones. The relationships people have with their spouse or partner, in many instances, tends to be unhealthy. Although it is not easy to be in a relationship. It is important to know how to balance between the many highs and lows that come your way. Plus, having a healthy mindset will help you weather the storm. In this article, are 5 tips to help you keep your relationship healthy.

1Communicate more


To begin with, communication is key to a healthy relationship. Although many people do not put it into practice and prefer to give their spouses the silent treatment. The way you communicate is more important than the commitment levels, stress, and personality traits that partners have to predict how healthy their relationship is as a couple. Also, communication does not mean you should avoid having conflict, but that you should ensure that you keep the communications lines open. There should be no space for anonymity about anything in your relationship. More importantly, to communicate better ensure your conversations happen with no tablets, laptops, and phones as they are a distraction.  

2Enjoy intercourse every day


Enjoying intercourse every day with your partner is a plus to have a healthy relationship. Not only does it reduce anxiety and tension, but it brings people together. Also, intercourse helps to lower the blood pressure, reduce stress, and also improve sleep. Many couples claim that intercourse has made their relationship healthy, happy, and has also strengthened their bond.

Couple exercising in the  gym


3Eat and exercise together


Simple things like making a meal or doing a work out together will improve your relationship with your spouse. Therefore, if you have been eating and exercising without your partner it is time you incorporate him or her to give your relationship more satisfaction. You can start exercising together to feel physically active and more in love with him. On the other hand, while you eat together, you are more bound to stay together. Since it provides a consistent sacred space for laughter and conversation.  

4Don’t assume the small things


Saying thank you and please is not reserved for other people or when need be. These small and simple things are important manners to have and practice even with a partner that you have had for a long time. As you would treat a guest in your home, do the same to your spouse. Including having a polite conversation and also offering them a drink when they are tired and from work. In this way, you will get to maintain a culture of mutual respect between both of you. Another thing not to assume is laughing with your partner. This will help relax your whole body, release endorphins, and also boost your immune system. No matter how hard a day you had, try smiling if you cannot laugh, it will make you feel happier.

Relationship fights


5Don’t go to bed angry


Among the many mistakes, couples make in a relationship is going to bed angry. It is okay to sleep on an argument, but it is not okay to go to bed angry. Arguing at midnight or the wee hours of the morning is not the time to argue and the bedroom is not the place. Also, avoid arguing when both of you are tired. Instead, set aside time the next day to talk about the issue at hand. So, sleep on it and the next day things will be more clear.

To sum up, the above are some tips that will help your relationship to stay healthy. However, there is more than you can try like switching up roles once in a while with your partner. Going on vacations or trips together is always a plus to increase the bond between the two of you. Also, other things like being tolerant of the physical change in your partner. For instance, after they have had a baby, they lost weight due to sickness or even as they age. All these considerations are important to ensure that your relationship remains healthy and happy as well.

Don’t go to bed angry



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