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6 Stylish Ways to Wear a Denim Skirt

By AK, 10 July 2020


The denim skirt is a piece of garb that will never go out of season. It is a must-have wardrobe essential, and the beauty of having one is that the styles to wear your denim are always changing. Even when denim disappears for some time. It always finds its way back to the fashion waves. Plus, the types of denim that you need to style now are not the faded mini denim skirts that were popular in the 90s. The denim skirt outfits that are available now are fresh pieces that you can easily style with other pieces that you have in your wardrobe. Below are 6 stylish ways to wear a denim skirt.

1The work to weekend look


Although many women tend to think that denim skirt outfits have no place at the office. They are wrong. It is now easy to transform your work to weekend look with a denim skirt ensemble. Wear a pencil denim skirt that you have, or get one at an online boutique clothing. Ensure that it has no rips as it has to be appropriate for a creative or casual workplace. Pair it with a button-down shirt and pointed pumps, and you can give it an elegant finishing touch with an animal print skinny belt. So, if pencil skirts are your style for the office, choose one in denim, and even when it has a little ruffle it can suit everyone and anyone for a casual work Friday.

Denim skirt outfits

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2Denim on denim


The denim on denim trend will always look lovely no matter how you style it. One way to go about it is wearing the double denim look. It gives you a feminine look due to the matching set of the denim of a similar wash. Also, it is an ultra-modern look that you can try out. Apply some minimal makeup, and you can add minimal accessories too. Once you know how to style the double denim. Triple denim is the next style to try out, although it is tricky to pull it off. Style your denim skirt in three shades of blue, for instance, to get a chic look. An example of the triple denim is when you pair it with a dark denim pencil skirt with a medium wash jacket and dark denim pumps. Opt for a red lip, few gold accessories, and you have a beautiful final look.

Denim on denim

3Style with leather


For this style, you do not necessarily need a pencil denim skirt. Opt for a denim button-down skirt as it is extra trendy. Pair it with a black tee and add on a leather jacket. To finish the look, you can pair with ankle boots. Also, you can decide to go for the grunge look as you can easily incorporate the leather jacket with the denim skirt. It’s simple. Choose a deconstructed and ripped denim skirt for this look. Tuck a print or plaid shirt, and add your leather jacket on top of it. Plus, with this look, it is easy to recreate it with other pieces.

Style with leather


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