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6 Stylish Ways to Wear a Denim Skirt

By AK, 10 July 2020


4Simple styles

Sometimes all you want is to put together a simple outfit to an occasion that you are going. So, the mini denim skirts can help you pull off a lovely look with a style that is simple yet elegant. For instance, a denim pencil skirt and a tank top are a look that seems effortlessly chic. Also, you can add a belt if you feel your look is not complete, but one that still makes you look simple yet elegant. Another simple style to try is when you wear a maxi denim skirt. Although many women feel like the maxi denim skirt does not have a modern appeal. It is a denim skirt that you can wear in simple styles. For this look, choose a look that is form-fitting with no many details like frays, tiers, and buttons. Pair it with a dark color tank top that you tuck in and avoid anything too baggy and a pair of sandals.

5The dressed-up look

Even when it comes to denim, you can dress up and not just style them on the casual side of fashion. The denim skirt is one that you can dress up or down. For instance, you can wear a denim pencil skirt, pair it with a silk blouse, and take it up a notch with metallic accessories. Another style you can try to dress up with a denim skirt is with wearing a mix of washes. Try pairing a light wash and a dark wash or washes that are at least a few shades different. Since the more the contrast, the more interesting the outfit when you dress to it.

6Layered style


Other than the grunge style where you can layer as you feel. There are ways where you can layer your denim skirt to upgrade your style quotient. When you wear this style, it favors all seasons. As you can wear them to blend with whichever season you have. Also, during the summer nights, layer your denim skirt with a slouchy sweater, and when fall comes, you just need to add a coat over it. So the pieces that you have in your wardrobe are essential as they will come in handy when you need to wear your denim skirt and layer them. Choose denim that has frays as you layer with other pieces, as it will give a super classy finish.

Layered style

To sum up, the above are some styles that you can try out with your denim skirts. This denim skirts outfits are easy to pull off and also to style. Others that you can also try are the denim beach look where you use your denim skirt as your beach cover-up after you have got a little sun-kissed. Also, wear with a ladylike blouse and other tops, to try different chic looks that you can wear to several events and upgrade your style quotient.


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