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16 Women Who Prove That Skinny Isn’t Always The Best Option

By KK Angus, 19 April 2018


The ‘skinny is best’ rule is out and more and more people are warming up to body positivity. But there are some names who have been doing it for years now, and you just haven’t noticed. Skin and bones are dated and curves are seriously in. You can thank the Kardashians or Beyonce or even some runway sensations but the plus size is taking over everything.

But why did the anorexic look die out? As more and more stars leaned towards healthier diets and moved away from nutrition fads and started paying attention what their body needs, rather than what the runway or the screen needs them to do, they learned that not all curves are bad. You can be curvy, healthy and happy. ‘90s supermodels might not relate to it, but staying curvy really is the newest fad, and people are loving it. So, who are the women who are owning their curves and the world?

1Jennifer Lopez


Perhaps one of the earliest flag-bearers of the ‘curvy is the new skinny’ notion, Jennifer has been a huge icon for young women everywhere. Not only is she a perfect size at 48, she has never over-stressed the importance of dieting or staying skinny. She herself has been in great shape all her life and has never once switched to super skinny model. In fact, J-Lo’s curves are one of the reasons why she’s still so relevant.

Jennifer Lopez

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2Kate Upton


Kate Upton proved that you don’t need to lose pounds to be desirable. The blonde model has been in countless covers and advertisements and is the perfect inspiration for people who aspire to live healthy and yet don’t want to starve themselves.

Kate Upton

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Beyonce has inspired young women for years now. The queen of pop has never been in love with baggy clothes and has always flaunted her fabulous curves. She has admitted that she has struggled with diets and has stuck to whatever has made her feel good and look good, without worrying about it too much.


Image Source: www.wetpaint.com


4Kylie Jenner


Kylie may be just 20, but the Jenner girl has always been a sensation owing to her impeccable shape. She is clearly proud of her figure and flaunts it quite often on Instagram. She has never worried too much about losing weight or about diet fads. And yet, Kylie is impeccably in loop about what fits her and what doesn’t.

Kylie Jenner

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5Scarlett Johansson


She plays the fiercest superhero in the Marvel universe and yet has never really been in love with losing too much weight. She has never restricted herself to following weird diets. She had once famously said that she thinks her body is ‘just okay,’ but we know her fans think it’s better than most.

Scarlett Johansson

Image Source: www.popsugar.com



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