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16 Women Who Prove That Skinny Isn’t Always The Best Option

By KK Angus, 19 April 2018


6Lena Dunham

The Girls alum has been the face of body positivity. Lena has relentlessly defied codes about mainstream beauty and has maintained that you’re the most beautiful, when you feel it inside. She has often spoken out about how people judge women in showbiz just by looking at them, and refuses to adhere by that norm.

Lena Dunham

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It should come as no surprise that Rihanna doesn’t really care what her naysayers are saying about her. The Rehab hitmaker has often been in the news for her trailblazing statements, be it in fashion or in music. But in the last few years, Rihanna has switched from curvy to curvier and is clearly owning the trend.


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8Nikki Bella


Reality TV star Nikki Bella is the curvy icon you’ve been looking for. Nikki has said that though she is conscious about her body, she follows only one rule: Having diets only in the morning and not past sundown.

nikki bella

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9Anne Hathaway

Anne has always been upfront about her body issues, and she just took a wise dig at her haters, as she prepares to gain weight for a role. Anne, no matter, what her size has never really played it skinny. She is one of the few women who can make curves work and look fabulous.

Anne Hathaway

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10Kat Dennings

The 2 Broke Girls is a millennial icon, owing to her beautiful figure and her resolute wish to look good in whatever she wears, irrespective of her size. Kat is also very laid back about her style and has never really made an effort to adhere to meaningless regimens.

Kat Dennings

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