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10 Obvious Signs That Your Man Has Stopped Loving You



It is widely regarded that a man expresses his love in three ways. He declares in public that he loves you (in today’s world social media of course), he protects you and he takes care of you. But!! Is that entirely right? A man can do all of those things and still not love you because he may be doing it out of compulsion or to throw you off guard. It’s only when he takes a delight in doing such things and displays genuine expressions of happiness doing so that you can well and truly say that a man loves you. Here are 10 warning signs that a man’s feelings of love have mellowed or isn’t there at all. Although relationships aren’t meant to be broken, sometimes you need some introspection as to what’s good for your life.

1How he criticizes your appearance when he loves you


“A person will like everything, even the flaws, of their beloved, but will be annoyed at the perfection of those whom he does not love.” That was the great poet Omar Khayyam. A man who loves you will always find you beautiful even when your hair is messy which he may find cute. He may genuinely tell you not to wear a certain dress or the way your hair looks best. This is because he knows what you look beautiful in and it’s his love for you that makes him want you to look beautiful at all times. He may not even notice if you have gained a bit of fat on your tummy unless you don’t mention it yourself. 

Gaining weight

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How he criticizes your appearance when he doesn’t love you


A man who constantly criticizes your appearance and tells you, your looks aren’t good or that you need plastic surgery isn’t doing so because he is genuine about it. If he keeps insisting you go to the gym, then stop indulging these comments as he isn’t doing it because of your appearance. He is doing so because of you and just wants to find fault with you so even if you do lose weight, he won’t admit it but find more faults in you. 

How he criticizes your appearance

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2When he discusses your faults and shortcomings with friends


This is a big no in any relationship and although women indulge in it with their besties, men don’t usually speak of such things even to their friends. Nobody’s perfect and a person who loves you won’t exactly focus on your shortcomings and flaws but your positive points. That’s what keeps a relationship together.

If your partner is constantly humiliating you in get-togethers, among family and friends, if he keeps poking fun at your flaws and failures, then its time you took notice and stop expecting anything further from this relationship. This is a clear sign of a disrespectful partner because by humiliating you in public he is trying to make out that the decline in his feelings and love for you is your fault. 

Public humiliation

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3How he reacts towards your habits


Men usually have habits like leaving their clothes and socks lying around, but women love spending hours in the bathroom talking on the phone. We, women, love chatting, we also love stuffing our wardrobes with as many knick-knacks and clothes as possible. We like eating out of our partner’s plates and sing all day long because these are the things that keep us happy. A man who loves you will have a positive attitude towards such characteristics and may even love it. He may humor such habits and playfully tease you about it and keep silent.

How he reacts towards your habits

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How he reacts when he doesn’t love you


A man who doesn’t love you will scrutiny every little thing you do. He will continue passing negative comments and insults about your behavior and even get irritated by it. This is a big red flag in the relationship. 

Man irritated on girl friend

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