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15 Reasons Why A Russian Girl Is Just Perfect For You

By Jyoti Galada, 11 January 2018


Are you longing for a hot, intelligent, independent and caring woman then your search will end in Russia as women there are their national pride. Russian women are a perfect combination of beauty with brains and heart! Russia is a feminine country. No other country in the world other than Russia considers its women national object of value. And a Russian woman has value in her. Her looks are appetizing, her heart is of a gem, she will make you feel like a king and her inner beauty is much more than her hot looks that can make any man drool over her.  According to Science of Intercultural communication Russian women place more value on relationship and quality of life. A Russian partner is a trophy a man can feel lucky and proud to have.

In 1992 Russian Miss World Julia Kourotchkina said in her final answer that, “Everybody should love a woman” and if the woman is a Russian a man will fall in love with her.

1Body Beautiful


They are a wild mixture of east and west for in last 2000 years many have invaded Russia and over 100 official nationalities are living there. Round face, high cheekbones, fair skin, blonde or dark brown hair, blue/green/grey eyes, leggy and hot are a treat to your senses. No more looking at models in the magazine you can be with one.

Body Beautiful

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2Fashion Sense


If a girl shops to fill her wardrobe then she is not a Russian. A Russian woman shop for fashion. The fur coat that they wear to stand the extreme cold gives them a trendy look and she knows what makes her look stylish. Russian love wearing colors and accessories inherited from Asians. Her fashion sense enhances her beauty. Russian women look like they have just come out of fashion runway.

Fashion Sense

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3Work Hard To Look Perfect


A Russian woman knows she is beautiful and takes pride in the same. From the time you wake up in the morning till you fall asleep, she will please your eyes with her nurtured beauty. She works hard to look perfect all the time even if on a simple date.

Work Hard To Look Perfect

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