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The Reason Why Happy Couples Don’t Post About Their Relationships on Social Media

By Francis Alpin, 1 June 2017


Nowadays updating a status on the Internet has become top priority amongst almost every age group, while the current affairs prevalent in the world seem trivial or secondary. People tend to judge others based on their written posts and photographs on their Facebook account and other social networking sites. However, this judgment of another person’s character isn’t always right.

There are a few who choose to remain aloof but not completely estranged from the social network. In fact, many couples who enjoy a happy relationship do not post all the happenings of their everyday life online. Here are the intriguing reasons as to why happy couples don’t post on social media.

1 There is No Need to Prove Yourself or Your Relationship to People

Using your partner as material for your social media feed is just shallow and those who are in really good relationships aren’t interested in doing such things. They are in a relationship with each other of their own free will and don’t exactly care much about updating their status to- “In A Relationship” just to prove they are happy to everyone else.

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2 Being in Blissful Relationship with the Person You Love Constitutes True Happiness

Posting about your happiness every time on your timeline on Facebook will get you nothing in return. This begs the question – why post about it? You can easily find more excitement in just being with each other and doing things together. Posting has no appeal at all to those happy couples who understand this fact.

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