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15 Reasons Why Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Marriage Is A Sham

By KK Angus, 18 March 2018


When Prince William married his college sweetheart Kate Middleton, the world thought she was the new Diana. Kate was the perfect Royal fit. She was beautiful, did not have baggage (like an ex-husband or risky movie scenes like Meghan Markle) and was from a very affluent British background. It was very lucky for the Royals that William fell for a woman who's so befitting the Royal crown. But over the years there have been signals which have proved that William and Kate's marriage must have been a sham and a marriage of convenience. They do have three children together but are they really the iconic couple they appear to be?

1Kate is too perfect

When William announced his plans to marry Kate, the Royal family was quite elated. Kate did not have aristocratic parents or a Royal title but she was great on paper. And over the years she has played the role of the dutiful Duchess to the T. She has had no missteps and not even a single scandal. In fact, she might just be the safest Royal till date.

Kate and William  discussion

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Kate and William never engage in any Public display of affection. In fact, William's parents Charles and Diana and even Harry and Meghan Markle are pretty heavy on the PDA. So why are William and Kate so aloof? People initially thought that there must be some Royal policy in place which restricts their PDA but it has been revealed that that's not the case. It's pretty evident that they might not be in love.

Duke and Duchess

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3Their break up


Kate and William had broken up in 2007. Interestingly the buzz about their wedding was very much on but instead of an engagement people got the news of their breakup. It was revealed that the breakup was for good and William had no intention on reconciling with Kate. But eventually, when they did get back together, many people claimed that it was only because of pressure from the Royal family.

Their break up

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4The Royals love Kate

After their breakup, the Royal family might have been a major catalyst in their reunion. They saw a perfect opportunity in Kate who would make for an incredible Royal wife. She had no remarkable career as such and wasn't a daunting figure at all. Kate was the very epitome of a smart yet subdued bride for William who has no problems following orders. And when William did get back with Kate, the Royal family were quick to announce their engagement.

The Royals love Kate

5Kate is a commoner

After Diana's death and Prince Charles's marriage to the woman he had an extra-marital affair with, the Royal family needed some good publicity. Marrying off their Prince who is second in line to the throne to a commoner was a great deal, as not only was Kate a fabulous choice for a Royal wife, she was a great source of PR too.

Kate Middleton and Princess Diana

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