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The Most Beautiful Middle Eastern Royal Weddings

By KK Angus, 8 January 2018


You might be all caught up with the gorgeous nuptials of showbiz royalties like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, or even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but you might have missed the most supremely beautiful weddings of real-life royals. A Middle Eastern wedding  - we mean a Middle Eastern royal wedding is as immaculately perfect now, as it used to be forty years ago.

Here’s looking at the most gorgeous Middle Eastern royal weddings over the years:

1King Mohamed VI of Morocco and Princess Lalla Salma


This wedding brought together a royalty and a commoner much before William and Catherine of England did. The King of Morocco wed an engineer Salma Bennani in 2001. The couple met at a private party in 1999, and tied the knot within a couple of years. Salma was given the title of HRH Princess Lalla Salma post her wedding to the Moroccan king. The 54-year-old King Mohamed and the 39-year-old Princess have two children together.

King Mohamed VI of Morocco and Princess Lalla Salma

Image source: www.pinterest.com

On their wedding, Salma looked no less than a Disney Princess. In perfectly coordinated lace and satin and a bejewelled tiara, and shimmery makeup Salma looked astonishingly beautiful. Their wedding which took place at the  Dar al-Makhzin, Rabat, is still one of the most talked about Middle Eastern nuptials.

2Queen Rania Al-Abdullah and King Abdullah II of Jordan


No list about a Middle Eastern royal weddings can ever be completed until we mention the stunning wedding ceremony of the most stylish women in the world Queen Rania. Rania, too, was a commoner when she met the King of Jordan (who was then of course a prince) in 1992. Rania, who was born to Palestinian parents, has a degree in Business Administration and has had jobs in companies like Citibank and Apple.

Queen Rania Al-Abdullah and King Abdullah II of Jordan

Image source: www.goodtimes.com.pk

Not only is Rania hailed as one of the most influential style icons, she has also been an incredible role model for young Asian women. From her humanitarian work to her relentless campaigning to improve health, education and sanitation in the Middle East, Rania is a true-blue Queen, with or without a title. She is followed by 9.71 people on Twitter. Her wedding to the King was, which took place at Zahran Palace, was one of the most photogenic Middle Eastern weddings. The bride wore a stunning belted gown by British couture designer Bruce Oldfield, and kept her makeup to a minimum.


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