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15 Ways Of Hugs That Say A Lot About Your Relationship

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 20 May 2018


Hugs don’t seem to be an important part of a relationship. We live in a time where you basically hug everyone you know. Which means that hugs lost that special meaning and you need something more intimate to express your love.

But that doesn’t mean that hugs can’t say a lot about your relationship. They’re still an important form of expressing emotions with each other. Especially when it comes to strong emotions, positive or negative.

Things in the bedroom could be perfect, but if you’re in a public place and you get that chill hug from your partner, there might be something wrong.

It’s important to know the meanings of hugs you share with your partner. The list you’re about to see will help you to understand the meaning of different hugs and how to deal with them.

1The end of the world type of a hug


This is the ultimate hug. If this is how your partners hugs you, you know you’re in a serious relationship. It usually happens when you haven’t seen your partner in a while. But it’s also a sign of stable and serious relationship.

The ultimate hug

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2Hugs without much contact


This is how we usually hug with friends, and not even best friends. There’s has to be a contact between you and your partner. It’s not like we always have to demand “the end of the world” type of a hug, but loosing contact is a bad sign.

Hugs without much contact

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3Legs wrapped around your waist


Ohhh, the famous Hollywood hug that defines the peak of true love. Whenever this hug occurs, we usually feel like the world is spinning around us. The only thing missing is a cool soundtrack in the background to make things even more romantic.

Legs wrapped around your waist

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4The "one-way" street hug


It’s not really a hug when only one person is doing all the hugging. Technically, it is a hug but without any emotion. There’s a problem if you’re the one doing all the hugging and your partner is just standing still.

One-way street hug

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5Hugs and eye contact


Isn’t this the cutest thing ever? These type of hugs make you feel young again. They often happen at the beginning of a love story, and it’s all about connection. But even if you’re dating for a while and you’re still doing this with a partner, this means that you guys have reached the level of most intimate way of hugging.

Hugs and eye contact

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