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A Guide on How to Overcome Trust Issues in Relationships

By AK, 13 March 2019


Trust is an essential aspect of any relationship. It forms the foundation of a relationship, and when it's broken, the relationship breaks too. Without trust, a relationship will be full of anxiety and arguments leading to its breakdown.

So, what may cause trust issues in a relationship and how can you deal with them? Read on to learn more.

1What May Cause Trust Issues in Relationships?


The main things that cause trust issues in relationships include:

Past experience

Having a painful encounter in the past may make some partners fail to trust their partners. Maybe the person was betrayed, violated, mistreated or abused in the past. To avoid falling prey to such awful experiences they may be cautious and end up not trusting their partners.

Bad relationship experiences

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Lack of quality time together

Spending time together strengths the bond of a relationship. It is during such time that partners may discuss elements setting them apart and resolve them. When partners are ever busy and fail to spend some quality time together, they drift apart slowly, and everyone will start being suspicious of each other. This leads to the development of trust issues.

Lack of quality time together

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Failure to communicate

How do you know what's going on in your partner's mind if you don't communicate? Communicating ensures any dispute or doubt is cleared before it leads to something big.

Hiding things from each other

When you hide things from your partner, they may become suspicious and fail to trust you. It means there is something you are not comfortable to let your partner know and their level of trust to you will start to lower gradually.

Hiding things from each other

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Sudden Behavior Change

Once a partner changes how they have been conducting themselves all of a sudden, it raises an, and the other part will not trust you. For example, if one used to comfortably use his/her phone when the other partner is around but suddenly don't want to answer calls when they are around, or they put it on flight mode, that raises a flag.

Knowing what may cause trust issues to develop in a relationship is not enough. You need to take action and fix them before they destroy your relationship. One of the best ways to do this is by using reverse phone lookup services.

Sudden Behavior Change in relationship

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2How reverse phone lookup services work and how they can help you deal with trust issues


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reverse phone lookup services

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3Other ways to deal with trust issues


Even if reverse phone lookup services don't work for you, you should not give up. There are other ways you can use to deal with trust issues. They include:

Sharing interest with a partner

Sharing interest with your partner keeps you connected. The bond in your relationship will grow stronger each day, and trust issues won't develop easily.

Set time for yourselves

You should spend quality time together to keep yourselves relaxed and also address issues that may cause trust issues. Spending quality time together with your partner ensures you disclose everything to each other and the more you are open to each other, the harder it will be for trust issues to develop. You give your partner no reason to doubt anything about you.

Sharing interest with a partner

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Make and fulfill promises

keep your word whenever you promise your partner about anything. Keeping your promises makes them trust you more knowing you can' t fail them when they need you.


Let your partner know what you intend to do. It shows you respect your relationship and your partner will trust you more.

Observe accountability

Before you lay blame on your partner, check yourself first. Exhibit trustworthy behaviors to make your partner also follow suit. Accountability will keep the relationship, and no trust issues can break it.

Control Your Emotions

Always keep your emotions under control to make your partner feel comfortable to share the truth with you. Don't let emotions like anger take charge of you because your partner will fear you or even discuss anything with you. This will lead to low or no communication which can result to trust issues.

Fulfill promises for you partner

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Lack of trust can damage a relationship beyond repair. Don't let your relationship fail because of something you can prevent.

The above guide outlines the major causes of trust in a relationship and how you can counter them. Take action now, or you will regret later!