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What Food Does Hospitals Give to Their Patients Around The World

By Sahil Saxena, 7 May 2018


When you are admitted in a hospital, the first thought which comes in your mind is to get out of it as soon as possible. How is it possible to get out of the hospital well before you have recovered? It is a process which includes medications, exercises (in case of injuries) and the most important part of recovery is food. Your diet depends on the reason why you are admitted in the hospital. If in case you are recovering from a severe injury, then your diet may include a lot of proteins so that it gives you the strength to do tasks.


The number one comes as a surprise. Not only the country involved is a super nation, but also the food served during a patient’s stay at the hospital is a little strange. California, one of the most popular state in the world, serves cheeseburgers and fries to its patients. A relatively common food in the country, the patients are in for a treat even when they are admitted in a hospital. USA has one of the strictest medical laws and it might include keeping the patient happy during his stay at the hospital so that may be the reason why there are served with swanky cheeseburgers and fries. 

California hospital food

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Unlike the Americans, the Australians provide with a little healthy food to the people who are admitted in their hospitals. They provide their patients with Pumpkin soup, apricot chicken, peas, and mashed potato. Pumpkin soup is light, healthy and a filler for the stomach which keeps the patient healthy, along with peas and mashed potatoes. Chicken is also served in the country to the patients as it provides with the necessary protein one might need for a speedy recovery. 

Sydney hospital food

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Poland being one of the coldest country in the world provides really healthy and interesting set of foods to its patients. Their breakfast includes bread, pickle, and sausage. This is indeed an interesting choice of food which is given as the country being so cold should include some hot beverages for its patients which would help them recover quickly. None the less, there are very few diseases which actually happen to people there excluding normal cough and cold as the country is well equipped with all the bells and whistles which are needed to keep the people healthy there. 

Poland hospital food

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Another cold country with a population of a few million, the country is really advanced in medicines and hospital facilities. The food served to its patients in the country is Sweet and sour pork, bok choy, and a side of honeydew melon. The few benefits of the above-mentioned food include honeydew melon which is an individual from the melon family. It is as a rule round fit as a fiddle with a light green substance. It is a delicious and sweet substance which is given to the patients along with green vegetables. 

Canada hospital food

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The Food and Nutrition Services group trusts that "Patients are at the core of all that we do." As such, their patient dinner program is titled "At Your Request" Room Service Dining. This type of dinner arrangement and conveyance enables patients to arrange and get suppers whenever they pick. However, in general, they provide chicken curry and an orange to their patients when they are admitted to the hospital and then they are informed about the above-mentioned service.

Hospital food Sweden

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