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15 Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Terrible Snobs

By KK Angus, 12 March 2018


6Naomi Campbell

The British supermodel is not just brutal but often abusive. She was charged with throwing a phone at her domestic help a few years back. Since then Naomi hadn't done much to fix her reputation. She still talks like she is better than the other models. She famously told an aspiring model that she could never be a part of her league and fans claim Naomi is a horribly elitist. Plus, Naomi has also thrown some shade at the younger crop of supermodels by saying that they have it easier now with social media.

Naomi Campbell

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7Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber might think his bad boy act is attractive, but in reality, people just think he is an out of touch playboy. From being a menace to his neighbours to being a bad boyfriend to having terrible work ethic, Justin has done it all. His ultra-lavish lifestyle obvious ultra-lavish fans work harder to relate to him on any level but Justin doesn't really care. Plus Bieber has never been shy about his womanising ways and while he thinks it makes him look cool, it is quite a turn-off and is obviously the reason why no one can take him seriously.

Justin Bieber

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Beyonce is the very definition of a snob diva and she doesn't seem to care as it makes her millions of dollars. Beyonce often lets the love of her fans go to her head and acts as if she actually is royalty. Her Grammy performance where she dressed up as a goddess was mocked by many as Beyonce ended up looking quite ridiculous. The problem with Beyonce is that she thinks she is better than any other pop star when she really isn't. She has made it very clear that she is selective about her friends. Plus her music had changed courses over the years and her fans can't find any common ground with her.


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9Lindsay Lohan

Her years of battle with drug addiction, theft charges etc have not only alienated her fans but has also transformed her entirely. Lindsay Lohan came into showbiz as a teen heart-throb but is now considered a total freak show. Her erratic behaviour and her swanky lifestyle did little to warm her up to her fan base. Over the years she hasn't really made an effort to be accepted by her fans and now, she hardly has any left now that she has work.

Lindsay Lohan

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10Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl doesn't have much of a Hollywood career anymore all thanks to her attitude. Not only is she difficult to work with but she even publicly slammed her directors and producers. She reportedly withdrew her name from award shows and even refused roles which she thought did her no justice. This obviously gave her a reputation and now, people won't hire her because of her snobbery.

Katherine Heigl

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