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15 Things You Must Know About The Beyonce And Jay-Z Cheating Scandal

By KK Angus, 16 February 2018


The most prolific power couple of the decade (we mean Beyonce and Jay-Z - now that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are no longer together), have been through a lot. Family feuds, a miscarriage and of course, infidelity. Jay-Z famously admitted to cheating on Beyonce in his new album 4:44. And Beyonce disappointed her legion of fans by taking him back even after the scandal. Some people even likened her to Rihanna, who remained in an abusive relationship with Chris Brown for some time.

15 Things You Must Know About The Beyonce and Jay-Z Cheating Scandal

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Jay-Z and Beyonce have three children and a multi-billion-dollar empire together. Not to mention, they have made a lot of cash over this controversy as both Bey and Jay went on to chronicle their sides of their stories in individual albums and documentaries, which sold massively across the globe. So, what really happened between the two? Who did Jay-Z cheat with, on Beyonce? And Beyonce has a new way of making sure no woman comes between her and Jay-Z - what is that? Read on

1When it started


After they wrapped up their hugely successful On The Run tour in the summer of 2014, rumours surfaced that Beyonce and Jay-Z’s six-year-marriage was going through a rough patch. One of Jay-Z’s closest friends even admitted that if they did split up, no one would be surprised.

When it started

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2The elevator fight


At the after-party of the 2014 Met Gala, and Beyonce, Jay-Z and Beyonce’s sister Solange were in an elevator, and that is when Solange famously attacked Jay-Z. The footage went viral, and there was a lot of media frenzy around it.

The elevator fight

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In the video, Solange kicks Jay-Z and hits him multiple times, while Beyonce does nothing to stop her. It was reported that Solange found about Jay-Z’s affair with another woman. And since Beyonce did nothing to stop her, it was assumed that Solange hit Jay-Z’s for the love of her sister.

The elevator fight1

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3The rumours


Soon after the tour, it was reported that both Beyonce and Jay might have been cheating on each other. In fact, sources said that Beyonce had an affair with her longtime bodyguard Julius De Boer. Jay-Z, too, was said to have had flings with another woman. Neither party commented on the issue, but were not seen in public together for a long time.

The rumours

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