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14 Emotional Abuse Signs: From Control To Guilt, Therapist Reveals The Subtle Red Flags To Protect Yourself From

By Andrew Alpin, 1 March 2018


Are you experiencing these emotional abuse signs in your relationship? Domestic emotional abuse has always been on the murkier side of the law worldwide. The biggest problem in certain cases is that most victims are usually financially and emotionally dependent on their abusers such as their fathers or husbands and fear speaking out for fear of social stigma of being abandoned if they complain about the head of the family. Society too, on the other hand, is quick to castigate and ostracize the victims rather than giving them shelter or an alternative means of self-sustenance. In spite of the signs of emotional abuse, domestic violence is one of the least reported crimes in the world.

Laws have been changed for emotional abuse crimes in the UK


The United Kingdom has gone one step further in changing its sentencing laws with harsher jail terms for emotional abusers. Courts have been instructed to take view such incidents more seriously than others as such a crime represents a 'violation of trust and security' related with intimate family relationships. In fact, for the first time emotional abuse using technology and social media will be taken into account in every case.

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Be aware of the red flags and emotional abuse signs in your relationship


The trick is to be self-aware and be prepared for the traps of emotional abuse that are usually insidious and sadistic by nature. These leeches gradually undermine your confidence and yourself belief systems. They are hugely skilled in subtle ways to convince you that everything is your fault, which is a serious dent to your value system and you lose trust of your own instincts anymore.

Psychologist Sally Brown warns that certain signs of emotional abuse aren’t very clear which is why she helps in breaking down these 14 subtle emotional abuse signs victims usually face from a perpetrator. Do not ignore these signs that can hint your relationship is getting destructive and you need to do something about it ….fast.

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1You are mocked


Do you have this uncanny feeling that your partner cracks jokes at your expenses, embarrassing you in social get-togethers or parties? In simpler terms, his aim is to blow small mistakes of yours out of proportion for the whole world to hear and judge? It could be your inability to manage money, or driving skills and the like.  If you protest, you are blamed of being party pooper. The easiest way to know if he is insulting you is to gauge the reaction of your guests. If they are laughing and taking it a lightly, it’s probably a jibe but if they are uncomfortable, your partner is out there in a sadistic mission against you.

You are mocked

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2You always feel guilty or are made to


Well, if you are always on a panic mode and scared of making the slightest mistake, it means you are on a guilt trip instilled by your insidious partner. The constant feeling of being compared and shamed by him eats you up. You are over-vigilante about everything you do to please your partner so that he does not hurt you by his blatant criticism. The real sad part is that your partner may blame you for their failures insinuating they got drunk perhaps because you upset them. They blame you for their stresses in life or your imaginary jealousy when they indulge in flirting.

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