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Six Signs Proving That Now Is The Best Time To Take A Break From Social Media

By Vishnu Sharma, 12 October 2017


We all are pretty much surviving on air, food, water, and social media! Yes, so profound is the impact of these social media channels, that we all actually think that these are now vital for survival. Our mornings start not by looking at the Sunlight, but by looking at the notifications, our afternoons and evenings are dictated by thoughts on how can we post something that will give us more and more likes and comments, and our nights, well, we all know that the nights of an entire generation are being ruined because they are not sleeping, rather scrolling down to see their virtual world.

I agree that social media has given us a lot to rejoice about, but does that mean that we make it rule our life and not do what is actually needed to live a fulfilling life? If this thought crosses your mind too, then my dear friend, you will identify these signs in yourself and if you, then it is about time that you take a break from social media.

Now, don’t be shocked, I am not telling you to simply delete all your accounts, but what I am suggesting here is that you may want to reduce the number of platforms that you use, or even the posts that you put up. For a start, these are good and when you yourself will find a positive difference in your lifestyle, you will take the further steps accordingly. So, let’s get started in finding out exactly what those signs are which shout to you that are too dependent on social media:

1You are ready to go to any length to get that perfect picture

Now, we all like to take numerous pictures before we find the perfect one and its okay if this happens once in a while, but it is not okay if you only think about getting that picture before even trying to enjoy that moment that you have in your hand.

If you find yourself going to extreme lengths to get a picture, like taking a selfie while paragliding or signing up to do something only because that picture will look good on Instagram, then there is certainly a problem.

paragliding selfie

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