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Here’s Why Meg Ryan is Not Getting Roles in Hollywood

By KK Angus, 26 June 2018


Around 25 years ago Hollywood was ruled by a curly-haired blonde who changed the definition of a female lead on many levels. Before Meg Ryan, nobody really knew how to keep the humour fresh and spontaneous or how it's actually pulled off. Meg's casual humour and sunny attitude was a breath of fresh air in the '90s mainstream Hollywood.

But in the last decade or so, Meg has been missing in action. Why is it that Hollywood has let go of such a vivacious name like Meg Ryan? Someone who was a legit success and actually changed the showbiz game in so many ways. It’s not like she hasn’t been working but she hasn’t been able to stay relevant. Let's find out why.

1The comedy icon


Meg changed the game for mainstream rom-coms. In films like You've Got Mail or French Kiss Meg was a force to bring reckoned with. It is also important to remember that before Meg Ryan and Sandra Bullock Hollywood's leading ladies were expected to be a certain way and would often just be represented as an accessory. Meg and Sandra, especially the former began experimenting with roles and making substantial modifications.

The comedy icon

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2The advent of the interesting female


Before Julia Roberts, there was Meg Ryan who paved the way for the funny and fierce woman even in romantic comedies. Meg took a leap and made sure each of her characters are not just token females but had a viable role and a reason to be there. Her signature comedy got better with every movie and resonated with the American audience. Also, Meg did not look like every other female lead and it was refreshing.

The advent of the interesting female

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3Her sense of comedy


Meg soon drew attention with her on-screen wit and comic timing. There is an incredible spontaneity in her which often makes her fans wonder if her role was unscripted. Film critics like Roger Ebert too had noticed exactly how emphatic Meg was in any film, irrespective of the genre. Roger Ebert once said about her performance in French Kiss, “Ryan does a breathtaking job with the age-old transformation scene, turning from a caterpillar into a butterfly by ditching her sweats and putting on one of those French designer dresses that look like gift wrapping.”

Meg Ryan in french kiss

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4America's sweetheart


Nora Ephron who has worked with Meg in many movies once referred to her as America's Sweetheart and Meg really was wildly popular and also got the best offers. Norah and Meg would also get together for several blockbusters hits like You've Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle which is also the films which gave Meg Ryan her brand. But unfortunately, the genre which made her a success changed radically over the past few years.


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525 years of Sleepless


The iconic film Sleepless in Seattle just completed 25 years. The film starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks still remains one of the most interesting romantic films of all times. At its anniversary Meg's fans couldn't help but note Meg's absence from the limelight. Not only has Meg not been in any movies lately but she has largely been missing from the cultural discussion. Plus, it would seem like she likes her time away from the arclights.

25 years of Sleepless

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