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According to Scientists this is what earth will look like in 1000 years

By Andrew Alpin, 10 November 2017


7There will be a single language

With the streamlining of languages, it may very well lead to one singular language spoken worldwide which isn’t a bad thing really as this could well break the language barrier for more effective communication. Linguistic experts feel that in a hundred years from now almost 90% of the worlds languages will disappear because of migration and the remaining ones will be made simpler to understand, which of course means that they too will ultimately integrate into a more common and widely spoken language. There won’t ever be a tower of Babel in the future. 

single language

Image Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

8Automatic assembly and demolition of buildings

Contractors beware as this is one industry that is most likely to fail in the future where people would be able to create structures instantly and automatically with the help of nanotechnology. This incredible form of technology uses trillions of tiny self replicating microscopic robots that transform themselves into anything. The utility fog is an extension of such a concept. Imagine the scenario where instead of building a house or any structure, the tiny robots would link up to take the form of the object you desire. If you ever get bored of a table, you could convert it into a sofa through a program of instruction.

The utility Fog which is a hypothesis of this idea was introduced by Dr John Storrs Hall in 1993 where he advocated the concept of self reconfiguring modular robotics. 

demolition of buildings

Image Source: www.imgur.com

9Nanotechnology will eliminate pollution


Even as many countries reel under the effects of climate change and pollution, this may be a thing of the past when a thousand years from now nanotechnology will help create a pollution free and eco-friendly environment. It will also help in providing cleaner water devoid of impurities and harness solar energy effectively. Nanotechnology will produce improved means of storing energy from natural resources. 

Nanotechnology will eliminate pollution

Image source: www.thehealthsite.com

10You could transfer your consciousness to a computerized brain

Although this may seem farfetched and science fiction, but a 100 years ago how much of today’s technology was considered fiction then?? If you saw the movie Chappie, then a similar experiment is still underway by a company called Humai run by CEO Josh Bocanegra plans to use artificial intelligence and nanotechnology for storage of data of conversational styles, thought processes, bodily function and behavior that can be coded and transferred into a artificial body using the brain of a deceased human being.

A more reliable source is a study at UCLA that observed how consciousness developed from communication between billions of neurons in the brain. According to ASAP Science, it would then be possible to map an individual’s intricate consciousness and upload it into another mind. Well! Here’s food for thought? It is a virtually impossible scenario for living beings to be immortal and inhabit a single planet, but the universe is infinite and so if uploading of consciousness is made possible, then many would chose to live in a state of consciousness, remember the movie “Lucy” and not require a human organic body form. Earth in 1000 years may be inhabited by human cyborgs made up of biodegradable material using minimized resources from the planet. 

transfer your consciousness to a computerized brain

Image Source: www.techonomy.com


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