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According to Scientists this is what earth will look like in 1000 years

By Andrew Alpin, 10 November 2017


3Humans may soon look alike

Given the factor of interracial marriage, there will come a time when Earth I 1000 years will feature humans all looking alike. In a unique experiment by Dr. Alan Kwan, humans in the distant future approximately 100,000 years from now will all have similar features that will change. Humans will have larger facial features like bigger nostrils, larger eyes, and highly pigmented skin. In fact, in a step towards a choice of looks, scientists are now trying to develop a method to edit the human genome to give parents a choice on looks. 

Humans may soon look alike

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4Exceptionally intelligent superfast computers.

In 2014, the world’s largest supercomputer called the K computer in Japan carried out a perfect simulation of the human brain but just one second of activity took the K computer 40 minutes to perform. In the future which could be a 1000 years hence, it has been predicted by scientists that computers will compute and process activity faster than the human brain. What would take a computer ten years to solve will be solved in a second. The supercomputer K-Computer in Japan used an open source Neural simulation technology to simulate a network that consisted of 1.73 billion nerve cells connected by 10.4 trillion synapses much like what is found in the human body.

Quantum computers that make direct use of quantum mechanical phenomena will soon be used in the future for diagnosing disease, developing improved and effective medicinal drugs, improving space exploration technology and drive vehicles that could be aircraft also. However they could invade people’s privacy and be a threat to information security.

intelligent superfast computers

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5Humans cyborgs


Today machines are being used not just to improve eyesight and hearing but bionic arms and limbs are being developed that can be moved by mind control. The technology of BMI or brain-mind interface for neural prosthetics is a reality and improvements on such technology goes without saying where a humans entire body or at least limbs and certain organs could work through a mechanized process. Today scientists are already in the human testing phase of a bionic kidney that will substitute for failed kidneys. (read about the bionic kidney here)

There are various people living today who also see through cameras with interface implanted in their brains such as bionic eyes. Humans merging with technology could give rise to a new race of cyborgs which may be necessary to control the power of artificial intelligence. Human minds could also log in to supercomputers for direct internet surfing and activity just by the power of thought. 

Humans cyborgs

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6Mass extinction could threaten the future

Dinosaurs and prehistoric animals were all wiped out in what was the first mass extinction on the planet but studies now reveal that extinction is once again a possibility and the chances have increased a hundredfold in the 20th century. Scientific studies have also revealed that civilization can survive only with a gradual reduction in population as human impact on the planet is leading to its destruction. Moreover, there is also the threat of nuclear war wiping us out anytime let alone discuss the fact about what may happen a thousand years from now. 

Mass extinction could threaten the future

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