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7 Things You Really Need To Know About Climate Change

By Andrew Alpin, 5 April 2017


Climate change!! Even as conservationists and earth activists cry themselves hoarse over the issue, the phenomenon just keeps rising. It’s very real and it’s always taken for granted just because we chose not to give up a lifestyle detrimental to our own existence. Take a look at these 7 shocking facts about climate change.

1 The World is getting warmer

Although there has been a fluctuation in Earth’s temperature, the decrease is always made up by a rise two or three notches higher. Yes!! It means temperatures are increasing. World temperatures in 2016 broke the record high of 2015 which broke records of the year before that. Will 2017 reverse the trend?? It’s not likely. Earth’s average temperature of 2016 analyzed from data taken from a vast array of sources was 1.69 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the 20th century. Satellites are also indicating a rise in global warming.

The World is getting warmer

Image Source: www.climate.gov


2 And we are the culprits

From 1960 till now, we humans have doubled the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Our carbon footprint is getting heavier and it’s weighing down our poor planet!! The only natural contributor to increased temperatures last year was El Nino which released hot air from the pacific but that’s it!! The rest was man made. While the sun’s solar cycles occur every 11 years and volcanic eruptions cool the planet, manmade greenhouse gases are steadily increasing that thick blanket of CO2 enveloping the earth and trapping the heat on Earth’s surface.

co2 levels and global warming

Image Source: www.statista.com


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