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According to Scientists this is what earth will look like in 1000 years

By Andrew Alpin, 10 November 2017


Stephen Hawking proclaimed at one time while delivering a lecture at the Oxford University Union, that humanity will survive for just about another 1000 years. Now that is a scary thought but there is a bit of contradiction because science is evolving rapidly to unlock the mysteries of the universe as well as discover new and innovative methods to fight disease and prolong aging. There is no reason to refute the claims made by various experts that man can live longer given the right conditions that include diet, lifestyle, and healthcare. Are we headed for disaster as the human race or will we survive for eternity, let’s take a look at Earth in 1000 years and what could be the fate of man then!!

1Human beings will possess the ability to live till a 1000


Tech Billionaires like Peter Thiel, Sergey Brin, and Larry Ellison are pumping millions of dollars into projects that explore ways and means to stop the aging process. The ultimate route to death is what many fear or are even traumatic about. There are also cryogenic centers in the world where people have their bodies frozen in hopes to be awakened again.

Medical Engineers could also invent various remedies to help human tissues and organs regenerate and age slower. Such efforts if successful and one should not rule them out entirely could soon control and manipulate the human gene making it immune to aging and disease. 

Human beings will possess the ability to live till a 1000

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2Humans will seek out other planets to inhabit.


If immortality or living longer becomes a reality, then humans will have to develop advanced space programs to establish colonies on planets like Mars or even explore through interstellar space, other worlds that would be suitable for human settlements.

The SpaceX mission which is an ongoing project by Elon Musk’ company, the Space Exploration project is constantly working towards the development of advanced rocket systems in a bid for travel into deep space. Its mission is for humans to become a spacefaring nation. Currently, NASA is also working on an advanced and powerful Rocket system and a spacecraft that will safely carry astronauts to Mars scheduled for 2030.The SpaceX program hopes to launch their own spacecraft earlier by 2022 and sending four people to Mars in 2024. 

The SpaceX mission

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