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12 Weird And Surprising Rules That The Royal Children Have To Follow

By Vishnu Sharma, 16 January 2018


The royal family of Britain is one of the most known families of the world and we all want to know all about each member of the family. And when the royal kids are as adorable as Prince George and Princess Charlotte, we certainly would like to know what kind of lives they live now and what all might happen when they grow up. One of the things that everyone believes is that the royal kids have amazing lives and they can do whatever they feel like. But contrary to this, they are actually supposed to follow many rules and traditions, which have been followed by the royal children since ages. Take a look at some of these rules, some of which are annoying and some of which actually make sense.

1There is a proper dress code


In all of the outings of the Prince and Princess, we have always seen them wearing proper dresses which are in accordance with the dress code of the Royal family. Never has anyone seen Princess Charlotte in a Barbie-themed dress or Prince George wearing a Superhero T-shirt, and the reason is very simple. The members of the Royal Family are supposed to follow a certain dress code when they step out in public. Prince George always wears shorts, and this will continue till he turns eight, when he will start wearing pants. Whereas Princess Charlotte is always seen wearing a dress along with a cardigan.

There is a proper dress code

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2They have no nicknames


None of the members of the Royal Family are allowed to have a nickname. Whether this is true in the confines of their homes or not, we are not so sure about that, but when to be addressed in public, full names are taken by people around them.

They have no nicknames

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3Everyone in the family must stop eating when the Queen does


We all know that we must respect our elders, and for the royal children if the elder is the Queen of England, then they need to respect her in every sense of the term. When the Royal Family sits for a meal together, they can only eat till the time Queen is eating, and when she stops eating everyone must follow her lead and do the same, regardless of the fact that they are done or not. Though this rule may seem a little annoying, but it is there in place and everybody is supposed to follow it.

Everyone in the family must stop eating when the Queen does

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4They must learn multiple languages


When one is the member of the Royal family, that person is known around the world and has to travel to a lot of different countries. In such a scenario, it makes much more sense if the royal kid is able to talk to people in their language. So, the royal children are supposed to learn multiple languages from a very young age. Now be ready for the surprise- Prince George and Princess Charlotte have already started learning Spanish at this young age.

They must learn multiple languages

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