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15 Times Priyanka Chopra Suffered From Outrageous Fashion Disasters

By KK Angus, 28 April 2018


Priyanka Chopra is everywhere right now. From TV shows to talk shows to films. Not only is her show Quantico coming back for a third season but she is also ready with her second Hollywood film. Amid all this Priyanka also will be a part of her famous BFF Meghan Markle's Royal wedding this May. And fans are worried as they don't want Priyanka to mess up her wardrobe for the Royal wedding of the decade.

Priyanka might be stunning and all kinds of exotic but she often tries too hard to stand out with her style. She has an incredible height and stellar curves and yet Priyanka often fails to impress the fashion police. While her fans blame her stylist, some people blame the actress for having questionable fashion sense. So, what are her most embarrassing fashion fails?

1Just too bleh

Priyanka showed up in the Screen Actors Guild award in a very random gown which had bizarre pink embroidery and it did nothing to highlight her features. Not only was her wardrobe criticised, but haters noted that her hairdo was too dated and her makeup was too blah.

Just too bleh

Image Source: www.pinkvilla.com

2Why doesn't she get it right?

For one of her New York Fashion Week outings, Priyanka chose the weirdest combos. She chose a printed top with a faux fur jacket and the colours clashed with each other. Moreover, she wore too much makeup which ruined her ensemble.

Why doesn't she get it right

Image Source: www.india.com

3Is that a tablecloth?


Remember when Priyanka wore a questionable plaid outfit and critics panned her? Priyanka might have styled herself for this one and opted for a really ridiculous printed number. The colour palette and the height of this number both went against Priyanka's silhouette.

Is that a tablecloth

Image Source: www.teluguboard.com


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