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15 Things That Prove Vladimir Putin Lives An Extremely Rich Life

By KK Angus, 5 February 2018


News recently emerged that Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, earns millions of dollars per year. Not only does Putin live in a gold mansion and owns several rare and priceless assets, he also has shares in two of the largest Russian oil companies. He is one of the most fascinating millionaire Presidents in the world and is obviously often compared to Donald Trump. So, let’s have a look at the things Putin owns

Let’s Talk About The Rich And Fabulous Life of Vladimir Putin

Image Source: asianewstoday.com

1Putin’s oil shares


Putin owns 4.5% of shares in the of Russian oil corporation Gazprom besides a 37 % of shares in oil supply company. According to the data that emerged, these two companies made more than $30 billion last year. This basically makes Putin an oil tycoon, and in addition to that, he is also a President - of Russia, no less.

Putin’s oil shares

Image Source: qz.com

2Putin Palace


Putin’s Palace aka the Residence at Idokopas puts Trump Towers to shame. The decadent white and golden palace is often called the Russian Versailles and is associated with Putin’s flamboyant lifestyle. Not only does the heritage mansion include casinos, helipads, swimming pools and a church.

Putin Palace

Image Source: www.mansionglobal.com

3Guess who’s his neighbour


Putin lives next door to none other than rock star Rod Stewart. According to a Daily Mail report, Putin has purchased a 10-bedroom luxe residence, with a view of the Spanish south coast, which also has a garage which can accommodate more than 20 cars and a helipad. And of course, it's own vineyard.

Guess who’s his neighbour

Image Source: www.biography.com

4Golden Plane, anyone?


The Russian President, of course, has a golden plane, often called the Russian answer to the American Air Force One. The plane has gold plates and a bejeweled exterior and costs more than $400 million. Putin apparently has four similar planes, to act as decoys.

Golden Plane, anyone

Image Source: uk.news.yahoo.com


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