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15 Things Everybody Forgot About John Cena and Nikki Bella’s on-off Relationship

By KK Angus, 4 June 2018


John Cena and Nikki Bella are all about the drama. The wrestling champion and his reality TV star fiancee broke off their engagement just a few days before the wedding. And six weeks after the split, they are back together again. And fans are saying it’s tough keeping up with them. Mainly because they have been talking about each other to the media a lot in the past month, and their fandom has been through a whirlwind.

If you’re a fan, you know that John and Nikki’s relationship was far from perfect. They had a ton of issues, which is why they broke up after six years of togetherness. And though fans have been rooting for them to reunite, the upheavals in their relationship have been too much. Maybe some distance would do them good? Here are some notes about the couple, we bet you don’t remember. Read on.

1They are finally back


When John and Nikki announced their breakup just a few days before their high-profile wedding, their fans couldn’t believe it. Though the breakup was tough, it seemed to agree with them. And then just six weeks later they are back together again. And a lot of details were revealed about the couple and their issues in the last six weeks, and they seem to have quite a lot of problems.

They are finally back

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2Long distance relationship


It was reported after their breakup that John and Nikki would go months without seeing each other. They both have really busy lives and with Nikki’s reality show and John’s hectic itinerary, it’s pretty obvious that they could never make too much time for each other, much like other celebrity couples. But now, that they are back on as a couple, it doesn’t mean that their schedules have changed. They are still going to have to work really hard on their relationship.

Long distance relationship

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3All about work?


Sources close to the couple have often claimed that John is a workaholic and quite obsessed with his career and his goals, and that for him, is clearly the no 1 priority. This is not to say that he doesn’t love Nikki, he is just far too concerned about his profession. And nobody blames him considering how successful he is, but now that they are together, does it mean John’s priorities have changed?

All about work?

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4Doing a favour?


Some of Nikki’s friends have told the media that John and Nikki’s engagement was a little weird as John sometimes behaved like he was doing Nikki a favour by marrying her. It looked like Nikki’s the only one who wanted the wedding, and John was just doing it to make her happy. And that irked Nikki out and her friends too.

Doing a favour?

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5Who doesn’t want kids?


Nikki had reportedly revealed that John did not want kids. Though Nikki had agreed to never having kids, she clearly wanted that for herself. Interestingly, though it was one of the main reasons behind their breakup, John appeared in interviews and admitted that he would indeed like to have Nikki’s kids. But then, what was the fuss about?

Who doesn’t want kids?

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6What changed really?


Reportedly, John had promised Nikki that someday he will change his mind about kids, but not now as he was too busy with his career. But Nikki wasn’t sure when that might be. She probably wasn’t sure about giving up the option of having kids. But John just didn’t want to be an absentee father and was waiting for a pause in his career to have children.

What changed really?

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7She wanted to freeze her eggs


Nikki revealed in her reality show that she is worried that she might be too old when John agrees to start having kids, and thus decided to freeze her eggs. But John found out and Nikki decided not to go through with it. Fans have noted that the moment might have been an important one in their relationship.

She wanted to freeze her eggs

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8Was it one-sided ?


Several sources have confirmed that their engagement seemed like a one-sided thing, as Nikki was clearly enthusiastic and worked up about the wedding and its planning. But John was busy with work and travelling, and it didn’t seem like he was ready for the change. It did not look like John was doing a lot to accommodate Nikki in his life.

Was it one-sided ?

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9Nikki’s career


Nikki’s reality TV career also took off in the last few months, and it was clear that she wanted something more in her relationship where she had to put John first. This might have been factored into their breakup in a big way, as John and his career wasn’t the top priority for Nikki anymore.

Nikki’s career

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10Their relationship’s timing…


Do you know John, who is seven years older to Nikki, started dating Nikki just months after his divorce to his ex wife Elizabeth. People noted that just months after his three-year long marriage ended, he seemed to have moved on. And though John and Nikki have been going strong for six whole years, their past is obviously complicated.

Their relationship’s timing…

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11Nikki broke up with John


It was Nikki who dumped John and not the other way round. John was quite shocked and people could see that he was unhappy with the split. Nikki went through a really tough time during the wedding planning and reportedly suffered from anxiety. Now that the engagement is probably back on, fans really hope things would be different this time around.

Nikki broke up with John

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12The interviews were weird


John and Nikki appeared in a number of interviews after their breakup, and not all of them added up. They both gave different accounts about their relationships and fans were left confused. It was clear that John was willing to get back together with Nikki, and Nikki seemed on the fence. But they did not seem ready for a reconciliation.

The interviews were weird

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13The contract


It was widely reported that John made Nikki sign a 75-page contract before she could move into his home. Not just that, John also did not make an effort to keep it a secret and reportedly would often talk about the agreement. This was bound to be humiliating enough for Nikki, who just wanted a normal relationship with John, and not one that involved an extensive contract.

The contract

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14She was treated as a guest?


It was revealed that Nikki was often treated like a guest at John’s home, and she probably never got over it. John’s contract also included a strict clause which said that Nikki has to leave the place if they ever break up. Nikki even admitted that this confused her and she didn’t understand where her relationship with John stands.

She was treated as a guest?

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15They’ve always been in touch


Even after their split, John and Nikki have been in contact with each other and it was quite obvious that they will eventually unite, as they were clearly in love with each other. Fans are just worried about their timing, and think that not a lot has changed since their split and they might just have the same problems.

They’ve always been in touch

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