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Hollywood Totally Forgot About These Talented Child Artistes

By KK Angus, 16 April 2018


Do you remember Amanda Bynes? Or Macaulay Culkin?  These names found incredible success at a very young age but sadly the industry doesn't remember them. What's sadder is that Hollywood has an out of sight, out of mind policy. In spite of being tremendously talented, they have not been able to hold on to their stardom.

Their personal issues and egos haven't really helped them out. But Hollywood is known to be fickle and even though these stars had a power-packed start nobody knows about them anymore. So who are the people who started out as stars but lost their stardom?

1Lindsay Lohan has a sad trajectory


Lindsay Lohan had a phenomenal breakthrough in Parent Trap. In fact, she was able to hold onto get stardom for years after she became an adult in films like Herbie: Fully Loaded and Mean Girls. But her drug addiction took a huge toll on her career. She would often turn up late and lose projects as her work ethic took a hit. Though she didn't completely disappear off the showbiz radar, her fans unanimously agree that she had unmatched potential and if she had a better grasp of her life, she could be an A-lister today.

Lindsay Lohan has a sad trajectory

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2Not entirely invisible


Interestingly Lindsay has been a fixture in the showbiz circuit but has sadly acquired a label which can't be undone. Lindsay has made appearances in TV shows and clearly knows how to take a joke on herself. But fans agree that she doesn't have the dedication to actually make it big in Hollywood.

Not entirely invisible

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3Whatever happened to Macaulay Culkin?


The Home Alone star made more headlines for his personal life than his films. From rumours about his intense heroin addiction to his friendship with Michael Jackson, Macaulay has had a very newsworthy life but hardly any projects which made any news. Though Macaulay relentlessly denied rumours about his addiction he had stayed away from the mainstream limelight.

Whatever happened to Macaulay Culkin

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