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Take this Eye Personality quiz by choosing an eye which tells you the type of person you are

By Andrew Alpin, 22 March 2017


7 Choosing Eye 7means You Are a Passionate Person

You have a fiery temperament and are extremely passionate. You have an abundance of energy and either love or hate, there is no two ways about you where subtlety is nonexistent. You decide quickly and easily voice your opinions. Your anxiousness about everything is cleverly kept under wraps because this is what makes you nervous too. Your energetic nature is constantly building up the dramatics of any situation.

Passionate Person

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8 Choosing Eye 8 Means You Are an Eccentric Person

As a person who harbors weird beliefs, unusual interests and practices, you are highly eccentric and can sometimes be a weirdo. You are no stickler for rules and care little for tradition. You just go about your business caring less for where the chips may fall which hardly bothers you. You reveal yourself to the world with a take me or leave me attitude and scoff at those who judge you. You want people to be like you as you don’t conform to the rules of society.

Eccentric Person

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9 Choosing Eye No 9 Means You Have Great Intuition

As an extremely intuitive person, you can virtually read people’s minds and can pre-empt a situation and a person’s actions not because of some magic but simply because you read behavior easily and base future actions upon it. You can read a person’s facial expressions and the tone of voice which tell you whether you’re being lied to or someone is telling you the truth. You can also realize if someone is trying to read or manipulate you. You work that to your advantage and manipulate people easily. However as much as you have the ability of manipulation, you seldom use it.

Great Intuition

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Hope the eye personality quiz was accurate and helpful.


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