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Take this Eye Personality quiz by choosing an eye which tells you the type of person you are

By Andrew Alpin, 22 March 2017


4 Choosing Eye 4 Means You Are a Philosophical Person

You’re a deep thinking person who weighs the pros and cons of every situation. You have a philosophical mind and always seem lost in thought. The problem though is your surety due to the simple fact that you may think too much at times which makes it hard for you to arrive at a decision. However the world can’t guess this side of you as you are clever enough to conceal your unsurety. For you, life is one big puzzle but yet you are also confident in analyzing it and sorting it out because that’s what you’re good at. You look for the pieces and bring them together.

Deep thinking person

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5 Choosing Eye 5 means you’re A Mysterious Person

You’re an enigma to everyone including yourself. You are also extremely contradictory in nature and very moody thus you show a number of different faces to people. As a person of few words, you never really reveal your true nature to the world and thus your actions appear confusing. You never vice an opinion unless you are absolutely sure of yourself. You prefer to be an observer of any situation before you react.

Mysterious Person

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6 Choosing Eye 6 Means You Are a Sensitive Person

You are a sensitive person prone to allowing little things to upset you. You have a sharp and keen sense of observation and notice everything. You have a strong memory and totally in sync with the world and those around you. Your emotions can get the better of you bringing you to laughter or tears easily. Although a fragile person, you hide that form the world and prefer allowing those to notice your sharp insight as you are the first to know what’s coming.

Sensitive Person

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