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13 Scientifically Proven Ways To Boost Your Brain Used By Special Agents

By Milos Kitanovic, 26 May 2018


We live in a century of scientific research, and no part of the human body has received more attention than the brain itself. So much so that there is little to no doubt that the scientists and researchers alike could very well debunk pretty much every myth out there regarding this powerful organ. One such myth, for example, actually represents the most common misconception that the size of the brain matters. It turns out that neither the size nor the weight of the brain is connected to the level of intelligence, after all.

But debunking myths isn't the only thing the scientists have been working on as they also constantly searching for methods that will allow the brain to perform better. And make no mistake, professionals from all around the world are using these methods on a daily basis. Whether we are talking about the special agents, doctors, or astronauts for that matter, it doesn't make a difference as they all train their brains. And after reading this article, so will you. What follows is the list of 10 scientifically proven methods to boost your brain used by secret agents. So without further ado, let's dive right into this.

1You can learn new skills no matter your age

Learning new stuff is not, by any means, reserved for children because almost any skill can also be learned and developed in adulthood, and there are many examples that prove this point. Many surgeons, for example, learned to play violin so they could improve their motor skills. So I guess, you can teach the old dog the new tricks, after all.

Leaning new skills

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2Doodle or draw while solving a problem

Don't take this at face value. Doodling and drawing won't make you a math genius all of a sudden, no matter what they have told you. But these activities might just as well help you solve a complicated task or make a difficult decision every once in a while. Try it, all you need is the pen and the piece of paper, it doesn't cost a fortune, and you might end up with a genius solution. And if you use your non-dominant hand while doing so, then even better because you'll be activating the work of both hemisphere, hence you are far more likely to come up with a right solution quicker.

Doodle or draw while solving a problem

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3Play on the swings


As silly and childish as it may sound, playing on the swings for at least 15 minutes a couple of times a week can help your brain a great deal. After all, there is a reason why every children's park has at least one swing. This is because swinging promotes the parts of the brain responsible for speech. Not only that but it also improves spatial orientation skills, which has been proven by astronauts.

Play on the swings

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4You can improve your senses by using certain techniques

There might not be a sixth sense, but you can very well improve the senses you already have by using a couple of scientifically proven techniques. For example, walking backward every once in a while, but if that is too awkward for you, wearing earplugs while doing stuff will also do the trick, or guessing what is in the box.

Improve your senses

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