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Surprising Photos of Celebrity Couples When They Thought No One is Watching Them

By Bincy Joseph, 7 June 2018


Hollywood has witnessed a lot of relationships, break up, patch up, etc. and this trend continues in the tinsel town and will continue forever. Hollywood stars have always lost the game of concealing their relationships and keeping it away from media. It is like however hard the stars try to keep their relation away from the public, the cameras do not favour. It doesn’t even take an hour, and the news spreads like fire. There have been many instances where the celebrity couples tried to spend some quality time with each other and ended up getting spotted on the cameras. Whether it may be the streets or a café or even a private holiday far off from the crowd, Hollywood couples have been in the news always. Here are few couples who have dated each other thinking nobody would see them but landed up in situations where their date witnessed an exclusive coverage.

1Lucy Hale and Riley Smith


It is a very well-known thing that actress Lucy Hale and Riley Smith have been seen dating each other not only in the reel life but real life as well. Their Valentine smooch was also in the news when they were spotted doing the same on the day of love after Lucy was presented with a bouquet of flowers by his dating partner Riley Smith.

Lucy Hale and Riley Smith

Image Source: akns-images.eonline.com

2Dane Cook and Kelsi Taylor


One of the most renowned actors in the comedy field Dane Cook has been sighted dating Kelsi Taylor along the beaches. Their relation has also been in the news for their age difference as this 45 years’ man is dating a young teenage girl just aged nineteen, but it is like love knows no bounds and this couple are an example of this saying. They were seen enjoying on the sand in Hawai early this year.

Dane Cook and Kelsi Taylor

Image Source: i.ytimg.com

3Emma Watson and Chord Overstreet


The Harry Potter fame Emma Watson is seen casting her magic on her co-actor Chord Overstreet. Not only are they a cute couple but are also seen hanging around as if who cares? They have been seen together at parties, and recently they were in the limelight while taking a stroll hand in hand with each other.

Emma Watson and Chord Overstreet

Image Source: www.thesun.co.uk

4Baron Davis and Laura Dern


Again an example of “age doesn’t matter in love” is the story of actress Laura Dern and Nba player Baron Davis. The two have been in the news for their dating stories and spotted many times while having a great gala chit chat time during a lunch date.

Baron Davis and Laura Dern

Image Source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

5Emma Stone and Dave McCary


If it was about dating co-stars, then Emma Stone has a name in it, she has been in the news for dating her co-stars. Recently she was spotted with Dave Mc Cary where the couple was out for watching the Nutcracker show. They tried hard to hide themselves from the camera, but at last, the cameras got a glimpse of these actors.

Emma Stone and Dave McCary

Image Source: static0.therichestimages.com


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