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15 Stars Who Don’t Need Any Makeup

By KK Angus, 15 April 2018


While going natural may be all the rage, makeup is still a huge deal for most female stars. From the Hollywood A-listers to supermodels makeup is a must for all. Be it for shoots or errand runs or even for gym sessions celebs can't seem to ditch makeup altogether. 

But there are some names who are not too big on makeup. For starters they know they don't really need a lot of it. Plus they make it a point to stay natural and stay away from enhancements. So who are they?

1Gigi Hadid stays away from it all


The supermodel might have got an easy pass to modelling thanks to her supermodel mom Yolanda Hadid, but she has proved herself to be worthy of all the attention. Perhaps the most sought-after model right now, Gigi is a stunner. Her cheekbones and blue eyes own every runway she is in and her long blonde hair just adds to her classical features. Gigi makes it a point to stay away from too much makeup. In fact she has spoken up about artificial enhancements and filters on multiple occasions.

Gigi Hadid without makeup

Image Source: trend-guru.com

2Irina Shayk knows she doesn’t need it


The Brazilian bombshell is perhaps one of the best looking supermodels. Irina has startling features. Her lips and her eyes make her a sought after sensation on the runway. Add to that she makes it a point to never overdo on makeup even if she is at seriously formal events. Though she is dating Bradley Cooper and is the mother of his child she hardly needed him for her stardom.

Irina Shayk

Image Source: www.get-the-look.ca

3Ireland Baldwin doesn’t need makeup for fame


Ireland might have seriously famous parents but Ireland doesn't need them to be in the news. In spite of not having big budget projects in her bag Ireland's stellar looks have garnered a lot of attention. Ireland has been battling a lot of personal issues and yet doesn't really depend on makeup to make an impact. In fact she is almost always seen with very minimal makeup.

Ireland Baldwin

Image Source: etonline.com

4Bella Hadid


It had been reported that Bella had undergone some surgeries before she stepped into modelling. But cosmetic aid aside Bella is one of the most breathtaking beauties in the fashion circuit. Bella has single-handedly brought back the high cheekbones trend in mainstream fashion. Bella mostly opts for minimal makeup even for galas as too much makeup often ruins her look.

Bella Hadid

Image Source: www.pinterest.co.uk

5Blake Lively


Blake stunned everybody with her breakthrough role in Gossip Girl. Almost a decade later Blake could give any newbie a run for her money. Blake has often said that she doesn't do too much to look the way she is. She has credited her great skin and impeccable figure to good metabolism and has gone for minimal makeup on many occasions. In fact for Blake just a dash of lip gloss and mascara does the trick.

Blake Lively

Image Source: www.popsugar.com


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